NC BioGrid Working Groups
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Infrastructure Working Group

The Infrastructure Work Group (IWG) is responsible for planning, developing, deploying and operating the information technology infrastructure required to support the NC Biogrid Testbed. Its areas of focus include the following:

  • System and Network Architecture
  • Systems Administration
  • Hardware and Operating System Standardization
  • Security Policies and Procedures
  • Single Sign-On and Access Control
  • Data Storage and Data Management
  • Job Scheduling
  • Performance Tuning

The goal of the Infrastructure Working Group is to insure the functionality, performance, reliability and stability of the NC Biogrid Testbed meets or exceeds all stated requirements. The resulting Biogrid Testbed infrastructure will be used as a model for designing the production environment. Current IWG team members are:

  • Chuck Kesler / NCSC
  • Phil Emer / NCSC
  • Steve Woods / NCSC
  • Todd Broucksou / NCSC
  • Lavanya Ramakrishnan / CNIDR
  • C.D. Poon / UNC Chapel Hill
  • Henry Schaffer / NC State University
  • James Robinson / NC State University
  • Alan Galloway / NC State University
  • William Setzer / NC State University
  • Bill Rankin / Duke University
  • Virinder Batra / IBM

For more information on the IWG, please contact Chuck Kesler.

Portal Working Group

The Portal Working Group is exploring different technologies available for building web-based portals for bioinformatics users. The goal is to provide an integration framework that will simplify the process of integrating multiple applications together to implement research workflows. Ultimately, this will reduce the complexity of using grid-based computing resources. Current PWG team members are:

  • Jack da Silva / NCSC
  • Chengteh Lee / NCSC
  • Karen Litwin / CNIDR
  • Sousan Karimi / CNIDR
  • Lavanya Ramakrishnan / CNIDR
  • Patrick McConnel / Duke University
  • Dana Eckhardt / Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
  • Jeff Brown / UNC Wilmington
  • Tom Hudson / UNC Wilmington

For more information on the PWG, please contact Jack da Silva.

Bioinformatics Applications Working Group

The task of the Bioinformatics Applications Work Group is to identify the bioinformatics applications that will be supported on the NC BioGrid Testbed, to revise these applications to take advantage of the capabilities offered by the Testbed, and, then, to use these applications to test the functionality, performance, reliability, stability, etc. of the Testbed.

The  Bioinformatics Applications Working Group is also responsible for selecting the genetics, proteomics, and related databases to be installed on the Testbed and for adapting these databases for a Grid environment.