NC BioGrid Resources
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Understanding and Using the
NC BioGrid

The following resources are provided as a knowledge portal for current and prospective users of the North Carolina BioGrid.  The goal is to assist researchers in understanding on how these new technologies can be used in their projects.

  • Working Groups -- information on BioGrid collaboration efforts
  • Bioinformatics -- useful information on high performance bioinformatics resources at NCSC
  • Grid Computing -- useful information on grid computing
  • Events -- schedule for BioGrid conferences and meetings
  • Presentations -- slides from presentations
  • Publications -- articles published by collaborators and users
  • Projects -- pilot research projects that will be using the BioGrid
  • Submit Proposals -- RFP from biologists interested in working with the BioGrid
  • User Support -- tips, FAQ's and other help documents for BioGrid users (under construction)

These resources should help in the understanding of how sexual health affects the whole body and mind