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Project Milestones and Headlines

13-Jun-03: Chuck Kesler presented an overview of grid computing based at the Wake Tech High Performance Computing Conference.
05-Jun-03: Deployed NMI (NSF Middleware Initiative) 3.0 with Globus Toolkit Version 2.2.4 on the Testbed.
14-May-03: Officially establised a Certificate Authority for the NC BioGrid Testbed at NCSC.
28-Mar-03: Re-built NC BioGrid Testbed using Avaki 3.0 Data Grid and Avaki 2.5 Compute Grid products.
02-Dec-02: Accomplishments of the NC BioGrid Testbed were presented as part of the NCGBC Annual Meeting at the NC Biotech Center
08-Nov-02: NCSC began planning to offering high performance computing services built around the grid and cluster computing technologies that have been researched in the NC BioGrid Testbed
24-Oct-02: Integrated Avaki with Sun Grid Engine running on Linux
01-Oct-02: Used the Avaki grid as a data source for an IBM DiscoveryLink application
26-Sep-02: Released a Request for Proposals from "Friendly Power Users" to researchers at the BioGrid Testbed sites
24-Sep-02: Integrated Avaki with Platform LSF running on Linux and AIX
16-Sep-02: Publication - "What is Our Grid?" by Dr. Henry Schaffer was published in GridToday
28-Aug-02: Demonstation of a large scale BLAST run across multiple platforms at three different organizations using the Avaki grid
20-Aug-02: Used the Avaki grid to deliver data to TurboWorx's TurboBLAST application
19-Aug-02: Demonstration of running BLAST between UNC-CH and NCSC using the Globus grid
29-Jul-02: Demonstration of running BLAST using Globus, LSF and AFS at UNC-CH
26-Jul-02: Successful demonstration of a larger scale BLAST run - 100 queries across 12 nodes representing 3 different hardware/OS platforms
20-Jul-02:  First successful run of a distributed BLAST to demonstrate BioGrid Testbed functionality - 4 queries across 4 nodes representing 3 different hardware/OS platforms
15-Jul-02:  Added 15 Linux servers at UNC-CH to the Avaki grid; Globus grid also created on these servers
20-Jun-02: One Linux server at UNC-CH added to the Avaki grid
14-Jun-02: Added Sun Fire V880 at NCSU to the Avaki grid
13-Jun-02: Added 13 Linux servers at NCSC to the Avaki grid
30-May-02: Initial BioGrid created using on Avaki 2.1 on a Sun Fire 3800 and IBM p690 at NCSC
22-May-02: All Testbed hardware received at NCSC, NC State, UNC and Duke
05-Apr-02: PO's issued for the NC BioGrid Testbed hardware
04-Mar-02: NC BioGrid Infrastructure and Bioinformatics Applications Working Groups established
24-Jan-02: NC BioGrid Project Kick-off meeting held at the NC Biotech Center
15-Jan-02: First small scale Globus-based grid built at NCSC
04-Dec-01: Press Release - MCNC Names Phil Emer as Chief Architect of the North Carolina Bioinformatics Grid
29-Nov-01: Press Release - MCNC VP to Testify Before NSF Blue Ribbon Panel
14-Nov-01: Press Release - MCNC and IBM to Collaborate on first-of-a-kind Computer Grid for Life Sciences