About the NC Biogrid
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Information Infrastructure for the Biology of the 21st Century

The sequencing of entire genomes from microbes to plants, mice, and humans is the departure point for a new biology -- the biology of the 21st century. The goal of this new biology is to achieve, for the first time, a fundamental, comprehensive, and systematic understanding of life and, from this, new powers of prediction, prevention, and remedy that will impact the health and well-being of all of the peoples of the world. Information science -- computational modeling and data mining and analysis -- will play a major role in realizing the new biology.

The North Carolina BioGrid will provide access to, and coordination of, the computing, data storage, and networking infrastructure required for researchers and educators throughout North Carolina to take full advantage of the genomics revolution.

For more information, see the NC BioGrid White Paper (PDF format).

Partners and Collaborators

The NC BioGrid project is an open collaboration between research, education and industry. We will continue adding new partners as the project grows. Current participants are listed below.

MCNC - www.mcnc.org

NCSC - www.ncsc.org

NCREN - www.ncren.net